30 March 2015

Lisa Month 2015

It’s that time again, but with a difference this year, as I will only be posting on 3 weeks instead of 4, and Maggie is making a appearance with Lisa in a special picture later this month! Plus I will post new pics here on the weeks that I am scheduled to release them instead of waiting until the end of the month.

Here are the last 2 pictures for this week, enjoy.

Lisa's Pink Dress Gallery 2014 - Gallery Pack 3: x64  - x86

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Lisa’s Pink Dress / Special Lisa and Maggie Pictures

12 October 2014

Pink is best…

Hi, it’s been awhile, and there are reasons for why I haven’t been making any pics lately, but it’s rather personal so afraid I cannot go into it here. I will say that my Step-dad has beaten Cancer, and is on the road to recovery, so that’s very good news.

Anyway, the picture drought is now coming to an end, which I sure you’ll be happy about, and here are 3 brand new pics below, and check out the new download centres that are now available below!


31 March 2014

Lisa Month 2014…

Here are the 7 pictures that were part of March’s Lisa month, including a small preview picture of a gallery exclusive!


8 December 2013

Final Pics of 2013!!

My final 2 Lisa pictures of the year.


18 October 2013

Can’t I wear another dress??

“Oh, Lisa stop asking this silly question, of course you can, but not when I’m making pictures of you wearing your pretty pink dress, okay!”

Sorry, I had to tell Lisa to stop pestering me about this silly question, oh well here is another two sweet and adorable pics of Lisa.